Your chance to watch live the speakers who have helped hundreds of professionals attract international job opportunities in Ireland. Get exclusive insights from the best-in-class professionals in Ireland during our day-long conferences and change your life forever.

 Line Up

 Saturday, September 29TH 8:00 AM

 Holiday Inn Dublin City Centre - 28-32 O'Connell Street

5 Speakers and 5 Themes: Networking Tactics | Personal Branding | Acing Interviews | Business English | Business Dress-Code

29.09.18 09:00 AM
Dublin Time


Networking Tactics

Enhance the likeability upon your profile by applying charisma and body language techniques to your daily routines. Increase your network and reap the rewards of being trusted.

  • The Artist in You
  • Networking isn't Optional
  • Generating Trust
  • Charisma will Take you Far
  • Have a Hobby and Be Remarkable
  • Your Body Screams
  • Q&A

29.09.18 10:30 AM
Dublin Time


Personal Branding

Discover the nine drivers that make your Personal Brand. Explore your problem-solving skills, learn how to pitch what you do, and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Introducing the Nine Drivers
  • The End of Career Jobs
  • Functional vs Vital
  • Pitching the Product "YOU"
  • Building Online Reputation
  • Publishing Channels
  • You as a Brand
  • Q&A

29.09.18 12:00 PM
Dublin Time


29.09.18 13:00 PM
Dublin Time


Acing Interviews

Set your mindset for a sales meeting not for an interview. You are the product they want to buy. Discover how to sharpen your pitch and use body language routines to impress your next employer or client.

  • A Learning Opportunity
  • Against The Odds
  • That's a Sales Call and Not an Interview
  • In-Person, Phone Call and Skype Interviews
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Prepare to Ask and Answer
  • Body Language Tips
  • After the Interview
  • Q&A

29.09.18 14:30 PM
Dublin Time


Business English

Learn that grammar is not enough to make you improve your English. Get your sources right, and leverage your language skills for business by using specific vocabulary and tailored techniques to impress your peers.

  • Always Learning
  • Your New Mindset
  • Tools to Enjoy Learning
  • Reading and Listening Routines
  • Speaking - Make it Work
  • Interview Tips
  • Interacting Better
  • Networking Tips and Tools
  • Q&A

29.09.18 16:00 PM
Dublin Time


Business Dress-Code

Use the first seconds of interaction to create remarkability. Improve your confidence levels and begin conversations being trusted by dressing accordingly on all social and professionals occasions.

  • You're in the Control
  • Techniques to Make a First Good Impression
  • Smiling, Greeting and Eye Contact
  • Posture and Body Language
  • Dress-Codes for Men and Women
  • Q&A

 Line Up

 Saturday, October 20TH 8:00 AM

 Holiday Inn Dublin City Centre - 28-32 O'Connell Street

5 Speakers and 5 Themes: Content Writing | Advanced LinkedIn | Client Satisfaction | Entrepreneur Mindset | International Leadership

20.10.18 09:00 AM
Dublin Time


Content Writing

Get to the point when writing content. Learn how to create compelling text, and the techniques you can use to grab the attention of readers and establish yourself as a reference in your field.

  • Why Write Content
  • You as a Brand
  • The Types and Features of Content
  • Compelling Taglines
  • Content Structure
  • Your Remarkability
  • Technology is on Your Side
  • Q&A

20.10.18 10:30 AM
Dublin Time


Advanced LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn as a sales platform by practising a daily routine. Attract the right opportunities by expanding your network, authoring content and regularly engaging with your connections.

  • LinkedIn as a Sales Platform
  • Social and Professional Networks
  • The Path to Work
  • Profile Structure
  • A Tagline isn't Where You Work
  • Posting Frequency
  • Free Tools You Can Use
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Custom and Personal Messages
  • Q&A

20.10.18 12:00 PM
Dublin Time


20.10.18 13:00 AM
Dublin Time


Client Satisfaction

Discover what's new in the Hospitality industry and learn that serving people is not a diminished job but the most rewarding and honoured one. Learn the standards, and how to make the interactions with you remarkable.

  • Clients or Guests?
  • Immediate Synergy
  • Be Yourself and Genuine
  • It's All About Passion and Having Fun
  • Believe in You and Follow Your Goals
  • Q&A

20.10.18 14:30 PM
Dublin Time


Entrepreneur Mindset

Learn how to convert your idea into a product, and create a business model that will get the attention of investors. Become a reference as an entrepreneur and generate trust in the market.

  • Idea Formulation and Definition
  • Business Model Preparation
  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Development and Prototyping
  • Governance and Optimisation
  • Lean Project Management
  • Pitching Strategy
  • Angels and VC Identification
  • Grant Application Process
  • Q&A

20.10.18 16:00 AM
Dublin Time


International Leadership

People are not managed to succeed; they are driven to achieve. Learn how to guarantee the performance of your peers by leading by example, softening your dialogue and using motivational vocabulary.

  • Is Leadership a Skill?
  • How to Lead Yourself?
  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Own Your Development
  • Learning From Failures
  • Setting Goals
  • Foster Relationships
  • Q&A